We can help you professionalize the management of your business

Administrative and financial management

Working alongside you, we will assist you in setting up or optimizing the administrative and financial functions.

Implementation of the administrative and financial department


Audit of accounting and financial processes


Assistance in choosing solutions and optimizing the organization


Cost reduction


Project support


Fund seeking

We offer companies on-demand operational interventions from professionals within their organizations. The pace and the frequency of interventions depends on the needs of the business.

Our experts get involved within companies that are reluctant to take the plunge for the recruitment of a full-time employee insofar as they may think, often correctly, that their needs are not sufficient to justify one.

We cover all of the functions of the company with a historical activity on the function of human resources.

Within our large customers our consultants strengthen the teams in place, help the businesses cope with busy or complex periods, and provide support for the deployment of projects.


Our approach is pragmatic and very operational.
Being flexible, we aim to adapt to the needs of the company, to the reality of its market and the goals of its leaders.

We support the entirety of a function or only a part of the tasks. We can also assist a team already in place.

We propose to make a preliminary diagnosis primary to our intervention in order to offer you the formula that suits your organization best.

Our offers

  • Financial Manager on demand
    • A Financial Manager for your business