Transition Management

We bring you the support of a senior transition manager to cope with specific situations, e.g. restructuring and accompanying business transformations, alignment, or strengthening of organizations…

We have developed within our group one particular know-how in the piloting, implementation and deployment of projects. We are committed to efficiency and reliability. Innovation is not inconsistent with the ownership of the process and the successful completion of projects.

The Finaxim transitional manager brings its external and independent view and the experiences of sectors of activity and various types of businesses. 

Examples of interventions

  • Business reorganization
    • Facilitate the evolution of the company
    • Occupy a management position of the enterprise on a transitional basis
  • Optimization of the process
    • Professionalize the HR management
    • Optimize the financial function
    • Help the information system evolve

Transition management to accompany your projects

Markets, geography, the environment of your company, management uses and practices, the role of managers… everything is in motion.

We know that the performance of companies depends largely on the quality of human relations, the cohesion of the teams around the goals and values, and the stringency of the policy deployment.

Interim management can be a solution to accompany your projects, or to deal with specific situations faced by your company